Floods in Our School

Rains are good and are a blessing because they help in diverse ways such as ensuring good yield to crops and availability of water. In this season when we have experienced heavy showers in Nairobi area we also experienced floods in our school right from the entrance to the classrooms. We trust God for better drainage conditions that will ensure even with heavier down-pour, we will have ample time in the school.

We hope and trust for better and bigger land with better drainage systems.

Below are some of the moments we had trying to drain the water from the classrooms;

Outside/ Our Playground
Right from the gate…
Our Classrooms


Blanket Delivery

Thank you Friends for being such a blessing to these Angels.We look forward to issuing them in style as we launch Economic Empowerment Course for their parents.Currently we are @50 we want to hit 160 including the teachers.
Priscilla Wekesa,Martin Murebu,Ndungu Munyiri,Susan Kariuki yours too have been ordered awaiting delivery.We can make a difference and be a blessing to others.I Can only imagine………..